Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keeping it Neutral in L.A.

I love escaping to L.A. for either the weekend or just driving up on a random day trip. There's always so much to explore with new eateries, boutiques and events that you just can't get in Orange County.

Spoiled with the January weather, I wanted to make the most of it before it changed its mind again. So I pulled out my shorts and my favorite off-white blazer and hit the streets of L.A. 

H&M Blazer | Patterson J. Kincaid White Line Tank 
Express Shorts | Forever21 Belt 

Sam Edelman Flats | H&M Fringe Bag | Banana Republic Necklace 

I love the detailing of this tank. It's relaxed/casual yet the linen gives it a slightly sophisticated feel. 

My H&M bag automatically reminded me of Vanessa Hudgen's JJ Winters Fringed Bag that she's always sporting. The difference? Mine was around $40 vs. her $409 price tag. I love the braided detail of my H&M bag and the leather feel of it makes it look like a lot more expensive than it really is. I highly recommend making this into a staple in your closet! 

We ate at Cru Restaurant: a totally raw/vegan menu so be prepared. 
You're looking at the Asian Bowl with Kelp Noodles and a Spinach Apple Ginger Cucumber Juice. Delicious and refreshing! 

The Mezze Platter: Flax Crackers that's paired with Apple Beet Salad, Kale, 
Cashew Butter, Fig Paste and Cucumber Tzatziki.

Eating vegan is definitely a new eating experience. Cru Restaurant is known for really taking vegan dishes to a whole new level. Don't expect the neighborhood to be like the Rodeo Drive part of L.A. but if you haven't given vegan food a try, it's worth a visit. 


  1. lovely outfit dear! you look stunning!

  2. lovely outfit :)
    like your blog :)

  3. Love the outfit, especially the blazer! Wish I could dress for summer too :) sadly, there's still snow!



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