Friday, February 11, 2011

Recreated: Kourtney Kardashian Casual in Lace & Black

I recently saw a picture of Kourtney Kardashian out with her family to Marmalade Cafe. I definitely did a double take because this was so chic and I just loved every element of her outfit.  

Kourtney (Far Left): Corey Lynn Calter Cropped Lace Jacket | Gucci sweater
J Brand Jeans | Chanel Flats | Tom Ford Sunglasses | Balenciaga bag 

You can see in this zoomed in shot, that she had a clever idea of wearing her lace top over her sweater. Definitely stealing that idea! I'm so used to thinking about layering with sweaters, scarves, and accessories that sometimes you just forget that it can go both ways. 

The top combination is my own interpretation of this look, because unless you are a size 6 you won't be able to purchase the real deal on If you wanted to go for the layering effect of the black sweater and lace on top, I would layer with a lace top that has sleeves versus the tank.  I've personally seen the tank at Urban Outfitters and I really love the lace detail. I rarely buy Urban Outfitters merchandise in the store, because they're one of the better stores that use a lot of web promos and their discounts online are always better (remember to check ebates for more ways to save money!).

Nordstroms Trouve Boyfriend Sweater in black $68
I have this sweater. So comfortable! It's such a great basic that I love wearing oversized jewelry with.

Bloomingdales Quotation: Sanctuary "Georgia" Lace Trimmed Top $86
I can totally see the black sweater emphasizing the intricate lace details on the arms.  

Since we're missing the zipper detail on the top, jewelry would be a great way to incorporate some metals into your outfit. I love the leather detailing of this necklace. 

I would even throw this necklace under it. House of Harlow 1960 is definitely one of my favorite jewelry lines. The great thing about this collection is that you can literally layer any of the pieces together and it'll still look amazing. 

Overstock Tom Ford Women's Dahli Sunglasses $146 
I love Overstock. I would never think that this would be the site to have luxury brands at such bargain prices but I found these Charles David heels here that was basically sold out everywhere. So on top of getting my heels, they were ridiculously cheap. Win-win.

JCrew Cece Leather Ballet Flats $128 in Olive Moss

Finding the perfect neutral flat that you can wear with anything is hard to find, but JCrew has perfected the classic ballet flat. They have some serious timeless options that would be the perfect gift, a great addition to your closet, and that Chanel-Coco-flair to your outfit that everyone needs. 

Remember to use Pink Mascara's VDAY Code VDAY30 for 30% off all sitewide merchandise!

**TIP: Use Ebates! Found on the sidebar of my blog or here, Ebates is a great way to save when you're online shopping. I bookmark it and before I buy anything online I always double check to see if there's an ebate for it. Right now you get 5% cashback for Nordstroms! Shopbop has 6%! Happy shopping everyone : )


  1. I agree-- she looks so chic yet comfortable. So ideal for a casual day out. The lace and two toned flats really up the ante and just make her look incredibly classy!

    Also I love how you found pieces to "recreate" your interpretation of the outfit. Nice job!


  2. Gorgeous! I love that lace top she is wearing!
    And you picked some great pieces yourself too!


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