Thursday, February 3, 2011

ATTN: Barney's Warehouse Sale!

One of my favorite bi-annual events is coming up next week! Barneys New York's February Warehouse sale! It starts February 10th - 21st so you get more than a week of designer bargains galore! Some of my favorite additions to my closet were found rummaging through racks here. And although there is a lot of hype about how it's not how it used to be, I still manage to find great designer pieces at a fraction of the original price! 

Here are some my favorite scores from previous sales. 

Boy Band of Outsiders Leather Motorcycle Jacket 

Their leather jackets feel like butter! So so comfortable.

Maloles Black Velvet/Goatskin Leather pumps. 
My favorite detail has got to be the velvet straps in the front. I wear these with everything!

Word of Advice: Wear leggings and a tight shirt, that way you can just kind of throw things over and with basic leggings all tops will match. I'd also recommend using a side-bag because you'll want your hands free to hold all your items! The dressing room is one huge curtained off section (don't worry there's a men and women's section!). So if you're shy about changing in front of people, leggings and a tight shirt will be your outfit of choice.

What time will you bargain hunters be arriving? I'm hoping to score some great pumps maybe even in the Christian Louboutin section ; )  


  1. thx for the reminder! i'm bummed i'll be out of town for the duration of the sale. ;( btw i'm your newest follower. i really enjoyed reading your blog. xo

  2. @cryskay Oh no! That sucks! It's okay, you'll just have more time to save up for the August Warehouse Sale hahaha : ) Thanks so much! I love the outfits on your blog too <3


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