Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Inches Above Puddles

If you're currently in Southern California, you'll know that the predicament of a rainy weekend came early today. Although wanting to prepare myself for a possible rainstorm, I couldn't bring myself to wear boots today! After trudging through blizzards and mountains (fine fine, more like small piles but cut me some slack! I'm from SoCal!) of snow when I was traveling over the East Coast, I told myself that I would put off wearing boots as long as possible. So instead, hellooo wedges!

Don't let the height fool you, these wedges are so amazingly comfortable and not to mention sturdy! I was able to stay dry by being a good 5 inches above water and had no worries of slipping. If you're not a pumps person, wedges are your loophole. You have such a better foundation than the typical spike that pumps have, so it's so much easier for you to walk in! I especially love cork or espadrille sandals because they're so casual yet chic. You can pair them with seriously anything in your closet (Jeans? Yes. Dresses? Yes. Shorts? Yes yes!) and your outfit automatically takes on a fashionably rolled-out-of-bed appeal factor.

Abercromie & Fitch Sweater - It's oversized because I got it in L : ) 
Forever21 Belt that came with a pair of pants | Aldo Wedges

Splendid Linen Pants in Sage (DIY Ripped) | Joie Alicia Feather Tank 
Intermix Shark Tooth Necklace | Vintage Silver Ring (L Hand)

Ethika + ASB bracelets | Marc Jacobs Bruna Belted Tote

Ladies, let me introduce you to my favorite purse and my proudest Ebay snipe-bidding moment. I am so in love with the Ostrich-Neutral color of this bag. I definitely considered it an investment piece because it's shape is just so timeless. Every girl needs in her closet: a classic bag, a good blazer, your go-to dress for all occasions, and a gorgeous piece of statement jewelry. This bag will still be a classic when I'm 60 years old and not to mention it's quilted and gold accented....need I say more? 

*The color I have is discontinued, so the link above is NOT the same color as mine.

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  1. i'm a big fan of wedges because they are so comfortable! love your mj purse. gorgeous! xo

    check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle!

  2. I love wedges, too! I loved how you said "no" to rain boots, you go girl! I am in FL, and I do not want to put on any kind of boots when I go back to TN. Yuck! Loved your outfit, and congrats on the purse! xx


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