Monday, February 7, 2011

From 9am to 9pm: Military Inspired

When you're working, going to school, and still trying to maintain a social life - multifunctional outfits are key! Saves you so much time and you always manage to look put together; especially in spontaneous after work outings. Like today, me and a girlfriend decided to spice up our ordinarily dull Monday night (the saying Mundane Mondays are there for a reason!) routine with a trip to Twisted Vine (review to come) for a glass of wine and their famous melted Brie Bread-bowl. Luckily I was already wearing this outfit to work!

JCrew Military Jacket | Jcrew Brocade Skirt in gold
Nordstroms Brass Plum V-neck Sweater in black 

I don't typically like to wear v-necks to work. Just because I feel like its in that grey line of what's the appropriate amount of cleavage that's acceptable for the workplace. Instead,  I usually love pairing this skirt with my Mossimo Supply Co. long sleeve tee in black ($10! Can't get better than that!) from Target. 
Modest, comfortable, and cheap = The Perfect Basic. 

Took off the jacket to make it perfect for a Monday's GNO.
Target tights in black | Rachel Leigh ring
*Unfortunately, it's sold out in emerald. I had just recently purchased these from Gilt at the bargain price of $87! Such a steal! If you need an invite please contact me : )

Maloles Black Velvet/Goatskin Pumps from last year's Barneys Warehouse Haul! 

Staying true to my weakness. I love anything embellished, gold, brocaded, aka shiny. Love the detailing on this skirt. I was sold from the moment it caught my eye. 

I love the casual nature of this jacket. I purchased it from the JCrew outlet at a fraction of its retail price.  One thing that I've learned about JCrew is that there merchandise will always always go on sale. There's not that many people that are willing to shell out $100+ for a basic cardigan. No matter how embellished, ruffled, and soft it is. So if you're obsessing over its latest season, don't worry - just give it a couple months.


  1. omg love love your skirt.. it's sooo gorgeous!!

  2. A very cut look-Corbyn Don't forget to follow at.

  3. This looks so adorable :)

    - Richelle @

  4. I love that you said this is a multifunctional outfit because I always face the challenge of being a student/intern/college girl all in one day. Thank you for the ideas!

  5. I love that gold skirt!

    Love Grace.


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