Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deal vs. Steal: YSL Tribute Platforms for $25!

I've always adored YSL's platforms. I always see Kourtney Kardashian sporting them and they look absolutely fabulous on her. Btw how much do you love her outfit below! I'm definitely stealing this look because it's the perfect winter to spring transition look.

Photo Credit: Fab Sugar

The Steal: Yves Saint Laurent "Tribute" Platforms $795

The Steal: Forever21 Strappy Platform Clogs $25!

The shoes are definitely strikingly similar, right down to their logo placement! I actually just purchased these Forever21 shoes and I love them. After my Vegas weekend, I swore to take a 4-5" heel hiatus and when these platforms were perfect for easing me back into wearing heels. I can't even tell they're 4.5"!

What's your pick? Deal or Steal?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello everyone!

As you know my blog has been kinda empty as of late. There's just been a lot going on with school, work, and family. So just wanting to explain my recent hiatus!

I will have more posts up soon! And it'll definitely be a comeback to remember! Thanks for all your concerns & well wishes : )

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