Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layers, Layers, & more Layers!

As you guys know, I recently did a post that was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian which definitely influenced my layered look that I wore the other day! Whenever gloomy weather hits, I always find that dressing up more than usual becomes a great energy booster to get me through the day. Nothing's more uplifting then some bedazzled Micahel Kors pumps!

Barneys CO-OP sweater | Nordstroms Trouve Boyfriend sweater in black

Nordstroms Citizens of Humanity Jeggings | Micahel Kors pumps

Gorjana Gold Ashby Necklace | Layered Necklace from LIT Boutique

I love my black jeans by Citizens of Humanity! I'm such a fan of jeggings, I have about 5 different kinds of jeggings in different colors and I find it so hard to go back to jeans! They're seriously so comfortable, I could probably gym in them if I really wanted to. I especially like the ones with the detailing of pockets on the back because then they don't scream "not real pants!". So to the unknowing eye, they're jeans. And only you know they're the most comfortable pair of "jeans" you've ever worn.


  1. ohhhh i absolutely love your chunky knit sweater!! and i really love that they're 3/4 sleeves! so chic!

  2. so simple yet so chic! love your shoes and necklaces. xo

  3. you layered your outfit well! Kourtney is the hot one out of the sisters I always think!!


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