Monday, February 21, 2011

Flip Flops in Japan

Every time I feel that itch to travel, I always look through my old vacation albums. I went to Japan with my family last year and it was such an amazing experience! Here are some photos from my trip that I thought I'd share with you : )

Band of Outsiders Leather Jacket | J Brand Jeans

Forever21 Top | Urban Outfitters Knit Beret in black
I loved how my shirt that day matched the Cherry Blossom Trees!

Vintage purse | Rainbow Flip-Flops 
& an adorable miniature dog that I was obsessed with <3

I love this vintage purse that I found on one of my visits to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I've seen a lot of those Chanel-esque, black quilted, gold chained purses but the leather always makes it a no for me. One of my pet peeves is I really hate the smell and feel of cheap leather. It doesn't have to be expensive, but the leather shouldn't be a tell-tale sign that I only spent $15. If you haven't been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market yet, I suggest you go! There's always such great finds for bargain prices, and the best part is that you know no one will have the same purse as you!

It's always so amusing to see the different fashion trends when you're visiting a different country. Everyone kept staring at my feet! I didn't see a single person wear flip-flops, much less Rainbows, during my whole trip! What can I say - SoCal is ingrained in my soul. You can move me to a different country but you can't change my shoes : )

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  1. awww loved looking at some of your japan pics.. you look so cute!!


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