Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Yes, My Sweater is Sparkling

Everytime I'm in a shopping mood, I'm always sure to stop by Zara. I love how you don't have to sacrifice your wallet for the name of fashion and quality > price. I realized that I was actually wearing one of my favorite Zara trousers so I just had to snap a pic of my outfit for you guys! I couldn't help indulging myself with several pairs of trousers during my recent NY trip haul (huge winter sale!). I don't know why but I feel like the merchandise in New York is always better. H&M, Forever21, to name a few, had such a better selection. Even their mannequins were dressed better!

I especially loved the subtle sparkle that my sweater was exuding that afternoon. Pairing a cropped sweater is definitely my go-to when wearing high-waisted trousers. Since my legs are shorter (SO hard to find jeans!), I find that it helps me look more proportionate. Another added perk of this crop sweater is that it's longer in the back so it covers that awkward look that pants with the lack-of-pockets sometimes give.

Patterson J. Kincaid Gold Crop Sweater | Marc Jacobs Bruna Belted Tote

A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz Bracelet | Vintage Watch 

Zara Trousers | Enzo Angiolini "Sully" Platform Pump in Camel $88.95

These are one of my favorite nude pumps in my shoe collection. Enzo Angiolini makes some of the most comfortable pumps I own. I don't even have to break them in and I can easily wear them all day. I highly recommend getting a pair - your feet will thank you! 


  1. love your sparkly sweater too!! i really like your vintage watch.. black with gold hardware watches are so gorgeous!

  2. Zara is seriously one of my favorite places to shop as well, they have such a wide selection and at affordable prices too. Your sweater is so cute btw!

  3. Cute outfit! those trousers look amazing, nothing better than owning a pair of comfy nude pumps, they just go with everything!

    <3 Cess O.

  4. Love the sparkle in your sweater... and also your purse is great! Marc jacobs, right?


  5. love the sweater! i love slouchy sweaters. zara is the best and their trousers fit me well. need to make a note to check out enzo angiolini shoes next time i'm at the mall. xo

  6. I love sparkles!!! anything sparkly will do :)

  7. love the sweater!! It's slouchy, comfy and sparkly! (All in one)
    You have a neat blog!! Wanna follow each other!

  8. Your swater is so nice and your purse is gorgeous! You should take photos of your shoes, to see in detail what they look like :)

    i hope you can visit my blog :D


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